Paul Watson

Bio: Live in Auckland, New Zealand and have collected and listened to Prog since when it first started being played here on radio back in the very early 70's. First LP I bought was 'Close To The Edge' by Yes. Years later I wrote music articles and reviews for a number of local magazines for 20 years or so. i also worked on local radio with my own weekly show playing mostly instrumental music. I then wrote reviews and articles for an international screenwriting magazine for a couple of years. I loved 3 or so years playing prog rock on an online radio station with my own show called 'Too Close To the Edge' and got to play all types of prog-related music and make a lot of friends with fans and artists. My hobbies and spare time include writing my own music and playing guitar, collecting and reading books, mostly Science Fiction, still have the itch to write the next best novel, and I mooch around various FB pages and prog forums making a nuisance of myself. Glad to meet you.

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